Terms & Conditions

AGE REQUIREMENT: For groups A, B, C, D drivers age must be over 23 years, any other vehicle group, min age of the driver must be 25.

VAT 19%
Airport fees
Environmental fees
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Theft Protection (TW) with excess
Third Party Liability
Unlimited mileage
Break down assistance

PAYMENT METHOD: For all groups a valid Credit Card accepted by Irent car rental must be shown for the pre-authorization of the renter’s liability (based on the amounts listed in section “COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) as well as the settlement of final rental charges.

DRIVING LICENSE: A valid driving license held for at least one year is required from the driver.

GRACE PERIOD: At the end of the agreed rental period, Irent car rental allows a grace period of 29 minutes free of charge after which, the renter will be charged with a minimum of one full day rental.

TRAFFIC FINES: All fines resulting from the drivers conduct are born solely by the renter.

INSURANCE: All authorized drivers of Irent car rental vehicles are covered against damages from Fire to the rented vehicle, and Liability Insurance to Third Party death, injury, and property. Both coverages are subject to General Terms of the Irent car rental insurance contract with its Insurer.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) limits the driver’s liability in the event that the rental car is damaged, subject to the terms of the rental agreement.
Rather than the full cost, the driver is generally only responsible for the first portion, known as their ‘excess’. This protection applies to all authorised drivers of the rental car. CDW normally does not include glass, tires, wheels and the underneath of the vehicle.

Theft Waiver (TW) or TP limits the driver’s liability for costs incurred by the theft of the rental car – or damage incurred by the theft or attempted theft – to an ‘excess’ amount, subject to the terms of the rental agreement. TW does not cover personal belongings.
Full Insurance …for complete peace of mind

The web-site may provide you the option for FDW (SCDW – Super CDW) insurance package that reduces or removes your excess amount and the renter will be not required to present credit card.
Insurance policies normally exclude extra equipment purchased locally and personal belongings. Other exceptions include accidents caused by off road driving, refuelling errors or other damages caused intentionally or by negligence. No insurance covers damages caused as a result of a breach of the rental agreement’s terms and conditions.
WUG (Tire, Undercarriage and Glass Coverage) insurance and tires or glasses damages included in FDW insurance package.

Car Group Explanation:

Division A/ Economy – 23 years

FDW excess – 0€

-iB: Nissan Micra/ Suzuki Ignis

-iD: Nissan Note

Division B/ City car – 25 years

FDW excess – 300€

-iC: Honda Fit/ Toyota Yaris

-iF: Mazda Demio
-iE: Hyundai i30

Division C – 25 years

FDW excess – 600€
-iM:Nissan Serena 8 Seater

-iN: Toyota Sienta / Honda Freed

-iJ: Nissan Qashqai / Toyota Rize / Peugeot 3008

Division D – 25 years

FDW excess – 2000€
-iL: Mercedes CLA

Additional Driver is provided for free.

BABY SEATS: Available on request for free.

GPS: Available on request with a daily charge.

WI-FI: Available on request with a daily charge

FLEET AVAILABILITY: The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.

FERRY RESTRICTIONS: Are not allowed. Please note that any damage to the vehicle in transit will be not covered by any insurance.

ROAD ASSISTANCE: Please contact Assistance (24hrs service) tel: +357 95 191 555

TAXES: All rates and charges in this brochure are subjected to V.A.T.

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