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The village of Omodos, outside of Limassol, is your gateway to Cyprus’ wines, as the town features local wineries, a medieval wine press, and is one of the region’s Krassohoria, wine-producing villages.

Omodos has existed in the same location since the Frankish period and was originally called ‘Homodos’, originating from the Greek word odos, meaning street.

Despite its small size, Omodos has many interesting sights. Located within close proximity of one another are the cobbled square, old stone-built houses, local wineries, a medieval wine press and the monastery of Timios Stavros (Holy Cross), with its old icons and impressive woodcarvings. There is also a museum dedicated to the National Liberation Struggle, as well as a centre for the preservation of narrow-knit lacing, and an Icon Museum.

The village is also famous for its Zivania spirit, handmade narrow-knit lacing and arkatena bread, its quaint environs are perfect for agrotourism.

Every September 14, the village holds one of the biggest religious fairs on the island, dedicated to the Holy Cross. The celebration lasts for three days, and vendors gather in the beautiful square in front of the monastery to sell their wares. The square is also the scene of many other events during the summer and Easter.

Wine-lovers will enjoy local varieties during a visit to the village, including, Xynisteri (white) and Mavro (red), as well as some imported varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Grenache and Syrah among a total of 23 different varieties.

There are a number of local wineries located near the village, including: Olympus Winery, Zenon Winery, Ktime Gerolemo, Linos Wines, and Marion Winery.

The wine-route itself passes through Limassol, Kolossi, Erimi (Cyprus Wine Museum), Kantou, Souni-Zanakia, Pano Kivides, Agios Amvrosios, Lofou, Vouni, Koilani, Pera Pedi, Mandria, Kato Platres, Omodos, Vasa, Malia, Arsos, Pachna, Anogyra and Avdimou.

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